A Double Breasted style waistcoat is a classic way to stand out

A double breasted waistcoat is a timeless classic garment appropriate for many formal occasions. It adds class and swagger to your wardrobe. It’s an alternative to the more common single breasted style.

Occasions to wear

  • A stylish and distinguished choice for getting married in.
  • Places where you are regularly dining like cruises.
  • Awards ceremonies, presentations and formalwear events.
  • Special occasion celebrations like anniversaries.
  • Even in formal events you are likely to be the only one wearing this style. So wearing one is a simple way to instantly stand out from the crowd.

Styling for difference body shapes

A double breasted style is said to work particularly well for tall men or slender men by balancing out their frame. But also the long diagonal helps make a smaller man look taller. It can work for any shaped man so long as it’s a good cut and fit. The best way to ensure this is to have the waistcoat specially made for you. You might think this could be expensive but it’s cheaper online for the equivalent work. We have made thousands of waistcoats for people from all walks of life.

How to Wear

In terms of wearing, a double breasted is different to a single breasted in that it’s best to remain buttoned up to retain the extra element of formality. This simplifies matters when wearing a tie because most of the tie isn’t visible. This can be an advantage if you don’t particularly like the lower tie style or find that a tie flaps about awkwardly. Very often gentlemen opt for the bow tie. We sell matching bow ties for all our waistcoats, as well as standard ties. Additionally, we can make you a matching handkerchief for your jacket breast pocket.

So once you’ve decided to don this sytle waistcoat then that’s you button up until the situation becomes less formal and then it’s off with the garment! It’s worth pointing out that women love sharp dressed men.

The tradition of leaving the bottom button undone for a single breasted waistcoat doesn’t apply for a double breasted.


Waistcoats that were double breasted were popular with film stars and royalty in the 1930s. The decline in the popularity in this style happened after World War II because of post-war austerity and fabric rationing. Despite recent economy dips we are not in that scenario today. But now, in both a business and personal setting, it is important to make the right impression.

Style with the Right Colours

We make a waistcoat a with shawl collar which is high enough to be seen under a jacket. The colours are Steel Grey, Black, Champagne, Ivory and Silver. These colours have been chosen so that you can wear with a wide range of suits. The contrast with traditional suiting isn’t too flamboyant.

Planning Your Order

Don’t procrastinate and leave ordering your waistcoat too close to your next event. You have to allow us time to make it. By planning ahead and getting your measurements and order into our work queue nice and early it’s less stressful around.

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