Advantages of Acquiring a Waistcoat Collection

From formal to flamboyant, waistcoats are garments that create very different messages about the wearer. The choice of a different waistcoat can reflect a different mood and a change of scene.

Acquiring a collection of waistcoats can have versatile use: a plain waistcoat can be worn during the day to give a message of maturity and gravitas in a business meeting, then a bright colourful patterned waistcoat can be worn in the evening social gathering to express individuality and flair.

There are obvious practical advantages to wearing a waistcoat. It is quick to change; and easy to discard if it gets too hot, and easy to put back on if turns cold. A waistcoat helps to hold in the stomach and make the wearer look slimmer.

A Classic Garment

Waistcoats have been worn since 1666. Because waistcoats aren’t associated with any one period of history, nor any particular fashion movement, they can be thought of as being transcendent of normal fashion. I can still go out happily in a classic waistcoat that my grandfather might have worn, but am ashamed of the photographs of the uber-fashionable outfits I sported in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Getting a well-made garment that is a classic style remains a sound investment.

Heath Implications

A waistcoat is a close fitted garment in an area where men and women are vulnerable to excess fat. Once you have a personal collection of waistcoats you become even more loathe to put on the pounds/kilos. Although waistcoats can be let out a certain amount, it’s a real incentive to maintain a healthy waistline. Health experts tell us that it’s not some much putting on weight but where you put on weight that’s bad for you; the worst place being the tummy. Buying a well-fitted waistcoat could be statement of intent: “I am not getting bigger than this”.

On the other hand, if you have a diet/health regime success and trim your girth then having your waistcoat taken in isn’t too much of problem. It’s an easy job practically for your tailor, and lovely ego massage for your self-image.

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