Made to Measure Waistcoats – A More Comfortable Fit

Made to measure
With reference to clothing this term means the garment is made specifically to fit the person who has order it, or has it custom-made.

The need for a Made to Measure Waistcoat

Because a waistcoat is a close fitted garment it very important to get the sizing more accurate than other garments. For example a jacket could be slightly too big or too small and it doesn’t really show or feel too uncomfortable. But a baggy waistcoat quickly makes the wearer look overweight. If it’s too tight then it can restrict movement. Conversely a jacket has a much larger ‘body-ease’ and tolerance, plus it doesn’t have to be buttoned up.

Hitting a Moving Target

When we overeat or under-exercise the first place it shows is around the stomach. To quote Orson Wells: Gluttony isn’t a secret vice. Plus, as we age our muscle mass declines and so for the same calorie intake the natural tendency is to get bigger. Liposuction might be the answer for Geri Halliwell, Demi Moore or even Michael Caine, but not for most people. So we have to hit a moving target when it comes to having a close-fitting garment like a waistcoat fit us accurately around the stomach.

Ready-to-wear waistcoats are based on a manufacturer’s view of the average customer size. Often this average is out-of-date for the current population. This is great if you happen to be Mr. Average, but statistically that is going to a good fitting for only a lucky few.


Last Longer for Better Value

Having a made-to-measure waistcoat hugely increases the chances of wearing a garment for a longer period of time. The better sizing means it’s more comfortable to wear. The better quality tailoring means it’s more likely to last. So the initial higher price becomes better value in the end.

Matching Accessories

Having a made-to-measure waistcoat made specifically for you means that you can have exactly matching ties, cravats, bow ties, cummerbunds, handkerchiefs and accessories. You can have the accessory made in the same fabric. This saves you the time of trying to find accessories that match.

Worth Waiting For

The disadvantage is that you have to wait while the garment is made specifically for you. But this isn’t a problem when planning ahead for special celebration events.

Affordable at Waistcoats Direct

At Waistcoats Direct we are able to offer affordable made-to-measure waistcoats. Every garment is individually made for a particular customer. Some machine sewing, some hand sewing. It is a labour intensive to guarantee the highest quality. By offering our service online we are able to make these garments cheaper than has been traditional available. In your planning it’s best to allow three weeks from order to dispatch.

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