Marcella Waistcoat – An Important Part of White Tie Formalwear Dress Code

The superb attribute of adhering to a white tie dress code is that whatever social event you attend, you can’t be outclassed, or considered underdressed. We are talking making a speech as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, accepting a Nobel Prize, meeting Heads of State and ambassadors of foreign nations, accepting a knighthood, attending the State Opening of Parliament, escorting a debutant, sitting at the Captain’s or Commodore’s table on a cruise liner or banqueting at an elite University. With a marcella waistcoat you orbit the zenith of sartorial chic. Seriously, if it’s acceptable for these occasions then it’s no problem for everyday celebrations.

A white marcella waistcoat is usually worn with a white bow tie and white wing collar shirt. An etiquette rule is that with these waistcoats the bottom button is always fastened ( even if you are royalty or a royal trendsetter such as Prince William ). For a cinematic reference point for this most formal of all formalwear remember the film Titanic.

Pre-1930’s marcella waistcoats were made in a heavy stiff starched cotton material and so were uncomfortable. Whereas our waistcoats are made in genuine Duchess silk satin for luxurious comfort. Being a backless waistcoat makes them very appropriate if your event is in a hot or tropical climate, or there is the possibility of energetic dancing.

History teaches that people instinctively have an appetite to dress up more and celebrate more during economy downturns. Despite the financial hardship of the Great Depression in the 1930’s the habit of dressing up for special occasions was more popular than ever. Similarly, the early 1990’s recession didn’t subdue the previous decade’s enthusiasm for the good life.

The TV screening of British Style Genius series had the constant theme of ordinary working class sub-cultures appropriating the fashion style of the upper-class or elite and then giving the style a twist of originality. During the post-war austerity working-class Teddy-boys started wearing Edwardian suits. The process goes on today whereby one doesn’t need to be an aristocrat to wear one of these waistcoats. No, they are for anyone who likes to play with style.

When you starting wearing one of these waistcoats you do feel different, and start acting unconsciously with more confidence and chutzpah.

Another advantage of buying into the history of white tie is that you will never be mistaken for a waiter or bouncer. Plus, our marcella waistcoat is very easy to adjust at the waist, should you accidentally over-indulge your celebrations.

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