Prom Waistcoat

A prom waistcoat is stylish and smart. Dressing up for this occasion is a must. You have worked hard during term time and now it’s time to party.

At Waistcoats Direct, we have many prom waistcoat styles to choose from : embroidered, plain, silk, brocade or satin.

Wearing a waistcoat for your prom meets the etiquette requirement to be smart/semi-formal. It can be fun to dress in some thing different than normal everyday wear.

You can dress up for Graduation Balls with style and confidence. Why waste money hiring an ill-fitting cheap waistcoat when you can have one specially made that fits well? The waistcoat can then be worn again for many special occasions. By investing in a quality garment you save money in the long run.

A prom ( short for promenade) is a semi-formal dance held at the end of the academic year. Other terms used are Leavers’ Ball, Leavers’ Dinner and Leavers’ do.

In the UK, when most parents were at school there was no such thing as a school prom; however, it has gained in popularity in the UK over the last 10 years.

A waistcoat can be reused for many future special events, whereas the money blown on things like hiring a limo is gone that day.

Getting the right colour is important. You can colour match your waistcoat with your girlfriend’s outfit. That way it visually underlines that you are a couple. Although waistcoats aren’t just for boys as there are pretty versions for girls.

Alternative accessories to consider are matching cummerbund and bow-tie.

Things go smoother when your organized: this means ordering your specially made prom waistcoat in good time before the prom date.

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