Reasons to invest in a Tweed Waistcoat

What is Tweed?

The word Tweed is derived from the Scottish word Tweel or twill which is a way of weaving cloth. Tweed is a natural fibre textile with a weave pattern that can be plain, twill, check or herringbone.

In 1830 a London merchant misread a letter from Scotland which mentioned the fabric as tweels. The merchant thought it was a brand name referring the river Tweed that flows through the Scottish textile region. So the products where advertised as Tweed. The name stuck and it is called that right through to today.

Why is it popular?

Tweeds are durable, resistant to moisture and have traditionally been used in outdoor clothing for country pursuits like shooting and hunting. So they were dyed in colours to blend into the hillside and heather and give the sportsman camouflage in his tweed jacket. Tweed was associated with the upper class and then gain popularity as it became more affordable. Today it will hanging proud in any gentleman’s wardrobe.

Where are famous tweed regions?

From the islands of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland comes the world famous Harris tweed. One of the reasons that Harris Tweed has survived the general decline in textile production is that in 1993 the Harris Tweed Authority was formed to be responsible for the promoting and protecting the authenticity of Harris Tweed. The tweed must be dyed, spun and handwoven only be the islanders of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and by stamped with a special Orb trademark.

It’s a fashion fabric used by designers such as Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith.

In Ireland tweed has a long history in County Donegal. At the end of eighteenth century The Royal Linen Manufacturers of Ulster distributed 6000 flaxwheels for spinning wool and 60 looms for weaving to various homes in Donegal. This was enough to start the industry. Tweed is often solely wool but can be other combinations such as silk mixed with wool or linen woven with silk.

How can I get a tweed waistcoat?

Tweed has a long association with classic menswear, especially in a jacket. It makes a splendid choice for waistcoat.
Here are two waistcoat styles we can make in your size.

Our Mr. Prince of Wales Check style is tweed waistcoat woven in a Prince of Wales Check pattern. It’s made in 100% Silk and has real pockets and distinctive Black or Brown Shell buttons. A contemporary twist on a Edward VII/VIII vintage look. Available in Black & White, Raspberry & Lime, Burgundy & Tangerine which give a stunning contrast. Check out the details fabric pictures by clicking on the larger picture in this webpage:

Mr. Herringbone has a tweed woven in a Herringbone pattern. Made in a natural mixture of Linen and Silk with a subtle flecked texture. It has real pockets, a satin back with adjustable buckle, Light coloured mother of pearl shell buttons. Colours: Brown & Green, Grey, Gold, Blue, White.