Union Jack Waistcoat : a patriotic symbol of unity, national pride and permanent style

Union Jack Waistcoats Are Versatile

The great beauty of a union jack waistcoat is that it is NEVER going to go out of style. There’s a few hundred years of history to support that statement.

Here’s a list of possible patriotic occasions where a Union Jack Waistcoat is a fine choice:

  • Royal related celebrations.
  • Selling British related products e.g. to tourists.
  • Last night of the proms. The only thing to be wearing at the Albert Hall.
  • Weddings e.g. beach weddings in exotic foreign locations, or former colonies like Las Vegas!
  • Street parties and community events commemorating historical dates like VE day. The Union Jack represents the uniting of nations.
  • Supporting national sports teams such as at the Olympics.
  • When on important trade missions to boost your company’s UK exports.
  • Flying the flag while on a luxury cruise in foreign ports.
  • Travelling abroad with your sports team. A visual introduction that immediately communicates to the locals where you are from.


About the Union Jack Flag

The Union Flag is also known as the Union Jack. It is the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Union Jack is transnational as it represents the union of different countries, the influence can been seen outside Britain in the Union Jack being incorporated in the flags of other nations e.g. Australia and in Canada where it is known as the Royal Union Flag.

The term ‘Union Flag’ is less well-known and used,and may cause confusion by referring to other union flags.

The current design dates back to 1801. The name ‘Union Jack’ was approved by Parliament in 1908 when it was stated that “the Union Jack should be regarded as the National flag”.

The Flag is a made up of three different national cross symbols: the  English St. George’s Cross,  Scottish St. Andrew’s Cross and Irish St. Patrick’s Cross. Each cross design is named after the patron saint of each country. Welsh flag isn’t represented because Wales was not a kingdom but a principality.

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