Wedding Waistcoats : Help For Grooms and Ushers

One of the most popular reasons for buying a new waistcoat is for a wedding. A wedding is typically the one time when ordinary people invite friends and family and put on a public event. It’s important to feel comfortable, and dress in a way that marks the importance of the event. You don’t want to wear something too everyday mundane from your wardrobe – that would be sending the wrong message to the bride and your public. A new smart well-fitted waistcoat is really appropriate on all counts.


The tradition is for the groom to buy his own waistcoat, but these days that’s not mandatory. Also it is typical to kit out the best man and ushers in waistcoats. Getting all the guys in the same style looks good in photos, creates a group identity and gives a colour harmony to the spectacle. Quite often the groom selects a different waistcoat variation so as to help to define his central role. The normal sequence is that the bride is the prime mover in establishing the wedding theme colours, and then the groom will ensure that himself and his ushers select an appropriate colour and style of waistcoat.

In addition to the waistcoat there is the cravat, or tie cravat, or bow tie or standard tie. These can be in the same colour as the waistcoat, or a contrast colour that maybe matches a colour in the brides dress or the bridesmaids dresses. All these details are thought out in advance to help make the big day special. If you have these matters in place, in good time, then you can concentrate on the enjoyment and excitement of the big event.

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