When And Who Likes Wearing Waistcoats?

Mens waistcoats are worn for many occasions by a wide cross-section of characters:

The Businessman

It’s vital the man in business looks smart. Presenting yourself to clients and customers is all about confidence in your product/service, and confidence in yourself. A formal/semi-formal waistcoat is a businessman’s favourite because it imbues the wearer with the appearance of professionalism and gravitas.

Waistcoats For Fun Celebrations

When it’s a birthday party or Christmas and we are celebrating, it’s good for people to see us in a different outfit. Guys tend not to like too much fuss. A few seconds putting on a colourful or fun waistcoat and hey presto – instant party image.

Wedding Waistcoats

Weddings are one time when it pays to look the part. Waistcoats are normally worn by the groom, best man and ushers. Often the groom gets a slightly different colour/pattern in order to be, quite rightly, more visually prominent. Click here for more on Wedding Waistcoats.

Special Events Like Ascot, Proms, Cruises

You would never turn up to Ascot dressed causally. Every year we sell waistcoats to style-conscious gentlemen who wear waistcoats at the Ascot races. Also we support patriotic events such as the ‘Last Night of Proms’, wear a Union Jack waistcoat is just the ticket. It’s great to mark special anniversaries with holiday cruises. Here there’s lots of dining in style in the evening, and onboard entertainment. The enjoyment is enhanced with a well-fitting, comfortable, specially-made waistcoat or two.

Sportsmen Wearing Waistcoats

We are very familiar with TV snooker players wearing waistcoats. It looks right. But if you see a snooker player practising without a waistcoat you get the feeling it’s not quite right. See our Snooker waistcoat style. In team sports waistcoats are worn from anything from Rugby to Croquet: for team photographs, receptions, important after-game social dinners. The team look smart and the waistcoats help to unify the squad and team spirit.

Stage Performers Using Waistcoats

Many young bands wear waistcoats on stage. What is shocking is that these very rich young men appear wearing very badly fitting waistcoats that obviously aren’t made to measure. The waistcoats are often too short, or too baggy with no proper shape. From Waistcoats Direct you will get a waistcoat that fit you well because it’s made specifically for you. Performers of a wide variety often don a waistcoat when getting into their public persona e.g. magicians, town criers, actors, toastmasters.

stage-waistcoat-mr-usa-uk mr-d-waistcoat-magician

Click for Mr D – Chinese Silk Brocade Waistcoat


The Individualist Man or Fashion Dandy

Dressing up in waistcoats is fun. Whether you are young and trendy, or not so young but still dashing, we love to wear different clothes when going out socializing. It’s satisfying to express a different aspect of our personality by dressing differently.

Examples of waistcoat dandies are retro-fogeys, like the subscribers of The Chap magazine. Of course, it’s all how far your take it; be like Prince a symbol, not a cymbal!

A man’s waistcoat is a classic garment that will never date. Slipping on a quality waistcoat is a quick and convenient image change that will often mark you out from the crowd.


Men’s waistcoats are a versatile addition to any gentlemen’s wardrobe. We are very proud to have been ranked number 1 on Google for ‘waistcoats’ from 2000 to 2009, and of receiving many testimonials for reliable service. You have landed on the right website to get a top quality men’s waistcoat in your size. We also make matching accessories such as cravats, ties, bow tie, tie cravats. All made in the UK.

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