Boys Waistcoats For Page Boys At Weddings, Concerts, Dancing, Snooker & Special Events

Having a boy’s waistcoat made specially for your son is a great way to instantly make him look simultaneously smart, cute and grown up. It really accentuates the virtues of the little young gentleman.

Our waistcoats in children’s sizes:

If you buy a cheap off-the-peg waistcoat it’s very likely to be ill-fitting, uncomfortable or like a baggy hand-me-down. Boys don’t grow according to standard manufacturer’s charts. Your boy might have an exceptionally long back for his age, or may be short, or have reach the point where he has shot up in height.

At Waistcoats Direct we make boys waistcoats in exactly sizes to give you a great fit in beautiful fabrics. All our waistcoats are designed and made here in the UK.

Everyone’s Wearing Waistcoats

Kids will see waistcoats on TV worn by an eclectic range of people: from the glitter of Strictly Come Dancing, to pop bands such as Take That or Kaiser Chiefs, or rock bands such as Bon Jovi. Younger children will have seen waistcoats on characters such as The Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine. Or, maybe he follows snooker and sees his heroes of the table wearing waistcoats. Whether he’s a budding singer, Irish dancer, snooker player or magician then getting him a waistcoat to look the part is a great way to encourage confidence.


Performers taking to the stage tend to wear waistcoats – regardless whether children or adults. For your boy it could be school bands, brass bands or theatrical stage productions.

Boys Wedding Waistcoats

A boys wedding waistcoat is perhaps the most popular special occasion for which we get our boys waistcoated. It’s a time when young boys love the fun of looking like their older brothers and fathers. And it’s important for a wedding that the waistcoat fits in with the overall colour scheme and theme; matching your page boys waistcoat with any of the following: adult men’s waistcoats for ushers, best man and groom; or, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.

The waistcoat looks smart not just for wedding but also other formal ceremonies.


As well as buying a boy’s waistcoat, don’t forget matching accessories such as tiesbow tiescravats depending upon what is appropriate for the event’s special occasion. A matching colour helps to unify the outfit and saves you time trying to find the right accessory.

Girl’s Waistcoats

We adhere to no gender rules or restrictions, so all our boys waistcoats designs can be tailor made as girls waistcoats.