Special Sized Waistcoats – Help for Wheelchair Users, Size-Plus Waistcoats and Non-Standard Shapes

Waistcoats for Wheelchair Users

We have experience in accommodating the necessary size adaptations needed for wheelchair users. Being in a wheelchair will not stop you having a comfortable fitting waistcoat, and it does not stop you having any of our stylish made-to-measure waistcoats made specifically for you. Please e-mail us your exact measurements and mention any special requirements. We will respond with a solution and a fair price.


Size Plus Waistcoats

Getting a comfortable but fitted waistcoat can be a challenge for guys who are larger than the typical standard manufacturer’s sizing. That’s where Waistcoats Direct can really help. We can make individual patterns to cater for all sizes and at a reasonable price.

Waistcoats for the Non-Standard

From big boy bodybuilders to skinny slim gymnasts and dancers, the human body comes in all shapes and sizes. Body variation due to hereditary from our parents is compounded by lifestyle changes: surgery, dieting, giving up smoking, injuries, exercise etc. So rather than trying to force yourself into a cheap standard waistcoat it’s better value to have one made that fits and flatters your current shape.

Tape Measure Phobia

Media saturation and wholesale focus on the perfect body can induce body dysmorphia, where we are become unhappy with our shape. Then we want ignore our real size. Hence, the dread of putting a tape measure around the beergut! Resistance to all this media nonsense is both healthy and liberating. Keep it simple, you spend most of your day and life clothed ( I assume!) so it’s best to be as comfortable and well-dressed as possible.

Next, carefully read our Size Chart webpage and get that tape measure out.

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