Valentine’s Waistcoat – A Great Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you are planning a special romantic evening then one way to look the part, and feel confident, is to buy valentine’s waistcoat.

If you are planning to pop-the-question and propose then this Valentine’s Day is certain a red letter day. Or, maybe along with the card/flowers & chocolates you are planning a big night out. Dressing differently out of your normal attire helps to underline the importance of the occasion. Turning up for your romantic night out in an outfit your partner is familiar with is it NOT sending out the right message

If a guy has a waistcoat specially made then that indicates good intention. Careful preparation is the key to success. It’s shrewd to be different and attract attention but in the right way. Just a jacket/shirt/tie is too much akin to a job interview. However, a waistcoat is the epitome of style. The clever thing is that it is favoured by both ultra flash exhibitionist ( like the guy who dies in Four Wedding and Funeral ) and ultra conservative business-types ( the sort of buffer who shops at Savile Row). So the subliminal message is that you have enough sense of style to simultaneously different from the crowd and yet trustworthy.

Also, you can reuse the waistcoat for the engagement party ( it’s fair enough to assume you’ll get Yes reply ).

Or, if you’ve already both decided to get engaged, but are waiting until Valentine’s Day to make the announcement then you need to make sure your man is suitably attired. Special days need to be marked with special clothing.

Also, a valentine’s day waistcoat is a superb gift for a lady to give her favourite fellah.

Our waistcoats are made to measure for each individual customer, are different, and not mass-produced. We make them in your exact size for a comfortable fit.

My love’s like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June;
My love’s like the melody that’s sweetly played in tune.

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